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Yearbook 2010

Austria. President Heinz Fischer was re-elected in April for another six years on the mainly ceremonial post of head of state. Fischer, who was the candidate of the Social Democrats, won by a very wide margin; he got about 79 percent of the vote. Distant second was the right-wing populist FP's disputed candidate Barbara Rosenkranz, who gained 15 percent. Rosenkranz, a 51-year-old ten-year-old mother, is married to a man who has belonged to a banned right-wing extremist party and is alleged to have Nazi sympathies himself. Her political message was described as hostile to immigrants, Islam and feminism.

2010 Austria

In all three state elections held during the year, the Social Democratic SP, which leads the country's coalition government, which also includes the conservative OVP, backed. VP also lost some, while FP increased. In Burgenland and Styria, FP received around 10 percent of the vote, and in Vienna, the xenophobic party received a full 27 percent. The SP, which ruled "red Vienna" for decades but now lost its majority, chose to form the country's first red-green government at the state level.

According to COUNTRYAAH, police announced in June that a record seizure of over a million child pornographic images was made in a 53-year-old's home. The man, who was arrested, was also suspected of assaulting his stepchildren. The seizure was described as one of the largest in Europe.

Six Indian men were sentenced in September to prison for an assault in a Sikh temple in Vienna the year before. One was sentenced to life imprisonment and several others to long imprisonment for the murder of a visiting preacher and attempted murder of several other temple visitors. The attack, which was due to a religious dispute, triggered violent protests in the Indian state of Punjab.

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