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Yearbook 2010

Turkmenistan. According to COUNTRYAAH, the gloss of deceased dictator Saparmurat Nijazov fell further during the year. Turkmenbasji the Great, as he was called, had his gold statue dismantled. His successor, President Gurbanguli Berdimuchammedov, ordered the 15-meter-high rotating gold statue to be removed from the 75-meter plinth in the capital city of Ashgabad.

2010 Turkmenistan

But Berdimuchammedov had at the same time created a cult of personality around himself and gathered power in his own hands. When local elections were held at the end of the year, some polling stations were adorned with portraits of the single president.

Turkmenistan, which has the world's fourth-largest gas reserves, expanded its oil and gas exports during the year to reduce dependence on the Russian market. In January, a new gas pipeline was opened from Turkmenistan to Iran, which was expected to more than double gas deliveries to Iran. In August, a number of foreign oil companies were offered concessions for oil extraction in the Caspian Sea, three US and one from Dubai. China's state energy company CNPC has also been awarded a contract on the South Ioiotan field, and Turkmenistan hopes for increased economic cooperation with China.

In October, the head of the state gas company Turkmengaz was dismissed, the largest of its kind in Central Asia. The dismissed was accused of serious failure.

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