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Yearbook 2010

Uruguay. According to COUNTRYAAH, governments in both Uruguay and Argentina made an effort during the year to resolve the multi-year conflict over the environmental impact on the Río Uruguay border of a newly built pulp mill on the Uruguayan side. In mid-April, the International Court of Justice (ICC) in The Hague issued a statement that was interpreted as a victory for both sides. While it was established that Uruguay violated the 1975 agreement by not publishing its plans to build the factory in advance, the country is not forced by the court's ruling to relocate the factory as Argentina previously demanded. Instead, the heads of state of both countries agreed to set up a joint commission to monitor the environmental impact on the river.

2010 Uruguay

In the May 9 regional elections, just over two months after the winner of the 2009 presidential election, José Mujica swore to the presidential oath, the government coalition Frente Amplio (FA) won in three of the country's provinces but lost in three others. All in all, the FA was considered to have weakened the elections as voter participation declined. Admittedly, the party won in the capital Montevideo, where nearly half of the country's population lives, but at the same time the support for the party there declined for the first time in 39 years.

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