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Western Sahara

Yearbook 2010

Western Sahara. Violence erupted on November 8 near Western Sahara's largest city, El-Aaiún, when police stormed the newly formed protest camp Gadaym Izik. According to the Western Sahara Independence Movement Polisario, 36 people were killed. According to Moroccan authorities, the number was killed, of which ten were Moroccan soldiers. About 20,000 people lived in the camp, which was set up in protest of difficult social conditions in the area. Polisario stated that 163 of them were arrested in connection with the storm. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch reported that many of the arrested were battered, tortured and threatened with rape. The storming was conducted the same day as new talks between the parties began in New York. Morocco was prepared to give Western Sahara a measure of self-government, but Polisario wanted a referendum on the issue of full independence.

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